Bandmember Angie with adoring fan Martin keen to get the tune right Phil biting off more than he can chew Bandmember Angie on look out for assasination attempts on husband Ron by music lovers the world over

The members of the trio BROADBAND are Angie Archer. Martin Bradburn (Angie’s brother) & Phil Summers, occasionally the band grows to a quartet when they are joined by Martin’s son Robert They have known each other (as family & friends) & played music for more years than any of them care to admit too, but only for the last 7 years have they pooled their individual talents as an Acoustic band.

Angie (winner of the best traditional folk singer competition at the 2012 Saltburn Folk festival) is the band’s main vocalist who plays Guitar, Mandolin.

Her stunning vocals which have been praised by her many audiences (& judges), give the group its edge.

Martin is not only gifted with a superb voice but also brings to the group tremendous musical talent, with his skills on Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Bouzouki & when required on the group’s bass Tea chestTea Chest

Phil is the comedian of the group, with many,many years experience of entertaining audiences. He has a vast repertoire of comedy numbers & humorous monologues. His relaxed style, musical virtuosity and vocal input add to the mix that is Broadband.

Ron Archer(Angie’s husband) is the group's silent partner (those who have heard him sing, say thankfully so). He has however written some of the Groups more "interesting" songs. In between bouts of song writing & surviving many crude assassination attempts along the way to stop him, he provides technical backup for the group as well as IT support on the Groups Website & Facebook.

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