BROADBAND have two Cd’s available

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Brussels Lace is a compilation  of the bands own compositions alongside some traditional & some not so traditional contemporary songs given the BROADBAND treatment.

1. Soldier Girl (Diana Jones)                                                    8. Darwins Evolution (BROADBAND)

2. Alice White (Alan Bell)                                                           9. Liberty’s sweet shore (John Doyle)

3. Politically correct Battle of Trafalgar (BROADBAND)    10. Pretty Maids of Greenwich (traditional)

4. Another train (Pete Morton)                                                11. First year Ukulele (Instant Sunshine)

5. Blackwaterside (traditional)                                                12. I drew my ship (traditional)

6. Hard times (Stephen Foster)                                                13. Teenage dirtbag (Wheatus)

7. Brussels lace (Tony cook arrgt BROADBAND)

Drummer Boy is a CD comprising songs written solely by the band’s members

1. Mary Lacy (Angie)                                                                       6. The drummer boy (Angie)

2. Winter Rain (Angie)                                                                    7. Tom Tom (Phil)

3. Red sky at night (Martin)                                                           8.  Molly (Angie)

4. But for Grace (Angie)                                                                9. Shuttles fly (Angie)

5. Friendly Beggar (Martin)

If  you would like to order one or both of our CD’s  they are priced at £ 5.00 each (+£1.25 P&P) .     Tracks (individually or as a complete album) from the  Drummer boy CD are available as downloads at CD Baby, Itunes or Amazon or as a physical CD via our PayPal button below.

The Brussels Lace CD  is available on request via the order button below.

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